Make your work easier
with realpacking

Check videos
from anywhere
Recording Program

Connect It,
and automatically record video logs

Recording a video log for each order simplifies its retrieval whenever needed. Video logs can serve various purposes, including as evidence for customer claims, marketing materials, and logistical records.

Cloud Efficiency

Leverage the global cloud to reduce the upfront costs associated with software development and enhance service quality through superior security. Additionally, access the CMS from anywhere in the world, enabling you to easily view and send video logs without concerns over hardware shortages due to video file storage.
Permission Control for Sub-Accounts

Management Becomes Simpler

Administrators can create sub-accounts and grant permissions based on departments or roles, streamlining organizational management. Enhanced permission control improves the company's data security by ensuring users access only the features granted to them.
* Available in Enterprise
Inspection Mode

Send Out Orders
With No Mistakes

Even without an integrated logistic solution, Realpacking's inspection mode ensures the correct products and quantities are ready for shipment. It checks items against the order information and alerts you to any mispackaged items, preventing mistakes.
Bulk Messaging

Send Video Logs In Bulk Messaging

Once the order information is uploaded to the CMS, the bulk messaging feature enables you to send video logs to customers worldwide. Messages can be dispatched via SMS or email, and the outcomes of these messages can be monitored on the CMS.
Video Message

Give Your Customer
A Special Moment

Sending Video Messages to customers significantly improves their experience by providing a visual confirmation of how their orders are packaged and shipped. These messages offer extensive customization options, including review widgets, Q&As, and updates on order status. Furthermore, it's possible to incorporate the brand's logo directly into the video or introduce a pre-roll advertisement for marketing objectives.

Connect possibilities with APIs.

Simple Integration
Easy Connection With
Other Tools You Use

Easily integrate with warehouse management systems to record video logs without changing working procedures.

Add a URL
Enhance User Experience
with Added URL

Create a unique user experience by incorporating a video log's URL into the shipping message, ensuring privacy is maintained.

Embed Video Log
Embed Video Logs
Into your Platform

By embedding video logs into your brand's platform via API, you can encourage customers to re-engage.

Easy Adoption

Start Simple and Fast

Use Ready-to-Use Equipment

All you need is a webcam, a barcode scanner, and a laptop. Get ready-to-use products and immediately start recording video logs, no matter where you are.

Fast Adoption and Installation

Signing up, installing the equipment, and testing can all be completed within one to two business days.
Equipment and Maintenance

Convenience Guaranteed

Easily Move the Equipment

The equipment's simple composition facilitates easy relocation. The setup of the working area can be adjusted to meet the user's needs.

Easy maintenance

There's no need to dismantle the entire setup of the working area. Simply replace broken parts to resolve issues.
Customer Support

Around-the-Clock Support

Various Ways to Communicate

We provide multiple methods of communication for better service, including chat, phone, email, remote support, and inquiries.