Terms of Use

The translation below is provided for your convenience only. If there is any discrepancy between the translation in English and the original Korean text (including due to the delay in translation), the original Korean text takes precedence.

Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 (Objective)

The objective of this agreement is to ordain the usage condition and procedure, rights of the member and site, liabilities, responsibilities, etc. of all services realpacking.com(hereinafter "service") provided by the INBET Co., Ltd. website (hereinafter 'Company').

Article 2 (Definitions)

1. The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows:

(1) Member: A customer who accesses the service site, agrees to Terms and Service, member who receives an ID and password.

(2) ID: A specific string required to identify a member for him/her to use the Service. Only one ID can be issued and used.

(3) PASSWORD: A combination letters and numbers determined by the Customer itself or the member himself/herself to protect the confidentiality, as a means of verifying that it or he/she is a Customer or a member consistent with the ID set by the Customer or member.

(4) Nickname : A unique name designated by the member in addition to the ID.

(5) Operator: A person selected by the company for the overall management and smooth operation of the service

(6) Suspension of service: A certain period of time in accordance with certain requirements set by the company during normal use

(7) Paid service: The various Internet content services provided by the company for a fee.

(8) Caller ID: The phone number of the sender who makes a voice call or sends a text message.

(9) Internet sending text message: A text message sent using an internet web browser, smartphone app, private text sending device, etc., not a phone terminal.

(10) Altered Number Block List: A list of phone numbers managed by the Korea Internet & Security Agency to prevent third parties from sending voice calls or text messages with legitimate phone numbers such as public institutions, financial institutions, and corporations for fraudulent purposes.

(11) Phone number source verification system: A system that enables the Korea Internet & Security Agency to request and process information on telecommunication service providers in the transmission path of the altered caller number.

1. Definitions of terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations and guidance for each service, except as provided in Paragraph 1

Article 3 (Validity and Changes of Agreement)

1. This agreement is valid for all members who are members of this site as well as non-members who use this site.
2. The contents of this agreement will be announced by stating on the screen of this site, and by joining this site, it is validated to members.
3. This agreement may be amended when INBET Co., Ltd. recognizes the need for change, and when there are changes; it will be announced 7 days before in the same manner as shown in Clause 2.
4. If the member does not agree to the changed Terms and Conditions, the member may stop using the service and terminate the use contract. If the 'member' does not express their intention to reject within 7 days after the changed terms and conditions are announced, it is considered to be agreed.

Article 4 (Regulations not explicated in Agreement)

Items not explicated in this agreement will complies with its according regulations such as the Telecommunications Business Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., the Personal Information Protection Act, the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc. In accordance with relevant laws, such as notices on damage prevention, etc., as stipulated in service-related terms and conditions, or business practices.

Items not explicated in this agreement will complies with its according regulations such as electronic communications laws, electronic communications business laws, regulations set by the Information Communications Ethics Committee, information communication ethics principles.

Chapter 2 Approving Usage Contract

Article 5 (Formation of Agreement)

1. Consent to the usage agreement is made by selecting 'Agree to all of the following terms and conditions of INBET: Terms and Conditions; Privacy Policy; Commission for collected personal information' when registering for this site.
2. Usage consent is approved for this site by the member agreeing to the terms of the Usage Contract.
3. Joining membership is completed by identifying the requestor and filling out the short membership joining format provided by this site.
4. This site may cancel registrations of members for the following reason

(1) Registering with the name or registration number of someone else.

(2) When entering and submitting false information in the membership application.

(3) A member aged under 14 years create his/her account without consent of a legal representative (ex. parents)

(4) When applying with the objective to cause disorderly conduct.

(5) Use the service for illegal purposes

(6) Use the service for the purpose of pursuing profit

(7) In case of an act prohibited by the Telecommunications Framework Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Information and Communication Ethics Committee Deliberation Regulations, the Information and Communication Code of Ethics, the Computer Program Protection Act, and other related laws and terms and conditions

(8) Provided that any attempt to contravene the relevant laws and regulations or Guiding Principles set forth by the Company occurs

5. Any applicant pursuant to the Article 5 shall be permitted in principle to use the INBET Account by the Company; Provided, however, that the Company may withhold or refuse its approval on use of the account

(1) Provided that there is no sufficient capacity to provide the Service

(2) Provided that any technical issue is detected in providing the Service

(3) Provided that the Company admits the financial or technical needs thereof

Article 6 (Formation of Agreement)

1. When a member purchases a product using an ID and password, entering the password and confirming the order application are considered as the member's intention to subscribe.
2. The member who wants to change the password must change it by himself/herself in the personal information change section, and the company can act on behalf of the member if the member requests the company for unavoidable circumstances.

Article 7 (Withdrawing Membership)

1. When a member wishes to withdraw, he/she applies for withdrawal in the form set by the company.
2. When a member dies, membership is forfeited.
3. If a member falls under any of the following reasons, the company may forfeit membership.

(1) Registering with the information of someone else.

(2) If the service operation is disturbed, such as changing the information provided to the company

(3) violation of these terms and conditions

(4) inappropriate to continue as a member

Article 8 (Provision of information and notice)

1. The company may provide members with various information deemed necessary while using the service through notices or Email.
2. When the company notifies a large number of unspecified members, it may be substituted for individual notice by posting it on the service bulletin board for more than 7 days.

Article 9 (Protection of personal information)

1. When the Company collects identifiable personal information of a member(including log data), the Company shall have to obtain the consent of said member.
2. Such personal information(including log data) shall not be provided to a 3rd party without consent of the member, and all responsibilities thereto shall be held by Company. However, the following cases shall be an exception.

(1) When it is necessary for the preparation of statistics, academic research, or market surveys and is provided under a format that does not allow identifying a specific individual;

(2) When a government institution requests it in accordance with related legislation;

3. The member may always read, correct and request deletion of his or her own personal information held by the Company. When requested, company shall destroy the relevant personal information without delay
4. The personal information manager is limited to the person in charge within the company to minimize the handlers, and the company assumes all responsibilities due to loss, theft, leakage, falsification, etc. of personal information.
5. When the purpose of personal information to be provided is achieved, shall destroy the relevant personal information without delay.

Chapter 3 Duties and Responsibilities

Article 10 (Duties of this Site)

1. This site does not violate regulations set by law or by the agreement, and has the duty to attempt to provide continuously stable services.
2. This site does not share or distribute personal information to 3rd parties without prior consent from the member. This excludes instances when there are requests from national organizations on grounds related to electronic communications laws.
3. The Company shall do its best in the order maintenance of electronic commerce transactions through the fair and sound operation, provide a good quality of services through a continuous R&D, maximizes customer’s satisfaction and contribute to the development of the internet..
4. The Company shall cooperate with the claim of necessary data for the promotion of consumer protection operation of consumer protection group and public agencies positively.
5. If a user sends a text message (including a voice message) by arbitrarily changing the caller number, the company may block the text message sending service of the user. However, exceptions are made in cases where there is a justifiable reason to change the calling number stipulated in the proviso to Article 84-2 Paragraph 2 of the Telecommunications Business Act**.**
6. When a user who receives a text message (including voice message) sent to a modified caller number requests confirmation of the original sender through the Korea Internet & Security Agency or the company, the company confirms the sender and provides it. However, if tracking is not possible due to technical reasons, it may not be provided.
7. If the sender number of a text message sent by a user is included in the block list of modified numbers, the company may block the sending or delivery of the text message, and the user must be notified of the action.
8. The company may store and manage data about blocked voice calls or text messages (altered caller number, blocking time, caller name, etc.) for one year for the purpose of submitting it to the Korea Internet & Security Agency.
9. When a user wants to change a caller number, the company may request identification from the user by the method suggested in the relevant laws and terms of use, such as the Telecommunications Business Act, in order to verify that the original number and the changed number are the same person.
10. The company may take the following technical measures to prevent users from changing phone numbers for fraudulent purposes.
- Establishment of a phone number origin verification system that compares your phone number with the calling number
- In the case of a text sending site, only the user's phone number is registered and used
- For texts sent from overseas, the phrase [International Outgoing] is displayed.
- In case of web site outgoing text, [Web outgoing] text is displayed

Article 11 (Duties of the member)

1. The Members must perform none of the following activities in use of the Service.

(1) Enter false fact while applying or modifying the Service Use.

(2) Changing information posted on this site

(3) Storing and distributing music works provided to the company without permission

(4) Violate other rights of the Company or a third party including copyright

(5) Transmit any information, in bad faith, that can interfere or impede a stable Service operation, or any commercial information.

(6) Acts that damage the reputation of other third parties or interfere with business

(7) Interfere other's daily life by having utterance, sound, writing or video clip that arouses shame, revulsion or fear continuously reached to the aforementioned other person

(8) In case it comes under the following affairs, the use rights shall be deprived.

2. In the event that the information in each of the preceding paragraphs or other information deemed inappropriate for the operation of the site is entered on the site or linked to the site, the company deletes the information posted on the company without the prior consent of the member or the person who entered the information Or you may cut the extended links on the site. However, the company is not obligated to delete such information or cut links.
3. In accordance with Article 84-2 of the Telecommunications Business Act (prohibition of false display of phone numbers and protection of members), members cannot change their phone number to another number without justifiable reasons and send voice calls and text messages, and You must not falsely display the sender number of a text message for the purpose of inflicting harm, such as abusive language, intimidation, or harassment. In case of violation, the use of the service is restricted, such as suspension of use and ex officio termination at the discretion of the company. However, exceptions are made when it falls under justifiable reasons stipulated in laws, notices or guidelines, such as the Telecommunications Business Act.
4. members shall bear all civil and criminal responsibilities arising from false display of caller numbers in violation of related laws such as the Telecommunications Business Act.
5. If the member sends a text message by changing the phone number in an unreasonable way, a fine may be imposed according to the relevant laws.
6. If the member sends a text message by changing the phone number in an unreasonable way, the company's service may be suspended.

Chapter 4 Service Use

Article 12 (Service Use Hours)

1. Unless there is a specific problem in the work and technology of INBET, service use hours will be 24 hours (00:00-24:00) a day, 365 days a year. Exceptions will be made for any date or hour(s) determined to be out of service by INBET for reasons such as regular maintenance. Any interruptions and limitation of the service will comply with an additional guideline.
2. The company may divide the service into scopes in specific cases and specify the available time for each scope separately. However, in this case, we will notify you.

Article 13 (Suspension of Service)

1. When there are any causes for maintenance / replacement or failure of information communication facilities such as computers, etc., interruption of communications and the like, the Company may temporarily suspend the provision of service. In addition, the service may be temporarily suspended on the day or time set by the company due to the need for regular inspection.
2. In case of service suspension in paragraph 1 herein, it shall be notified to the member with Email or the bulletin board on the website. However, an exception is made when the service is suspended due to circumstances that the company cannot foresee in advance. The company shall not be held liable for any damage to the "member" caused by the interruption of the service in Paragraph 1, unless intentionally or negligently.
3. The company may immediately suspend the use of the service (hereinafter referred to as 'suspension of use') by setting a period of 3 months if the member falls under any of the following:

(1) When the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning or Korea Internet and Korea Internet & Security Agency requests suspension of use in connection with change of caller number

(2) The caller number is included in the block list of tampered numbers provided by Korea Internet and Korea Internet & Security Agency

(3) Receiving illegal measures due to change of caller number

(4) Confirmed that the sender number of the text message sent over the Internet has been changed

(5) Confirmed that the caller number has been changed in other services

(6) Illegally using a number other than the person’s name

4. When the company suspends the use of the service pursuant to the provisions of Article 5 (1), the company informs the member the reason for the suspension of the service, the procedure for raising an objection, etc. in writing (including electronic documents), by phone, text message, or similar methods. Company must use one method to notify. However, if it is difficult to notify in advance, it may be notified after suspension of use.
5. The company may not release suspension of use until the cause of suspension of use is completely resolved.
6. Members who have been suspended in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 (1) may file an objection within 30 days from the date the service was stopped, and must submit the following matters in writing.

(1) Applicant’s title or name, address and contact information

(2) Reason for objection and related evidence

(3) The date on which the service provision was stopped

7. The company examines the member's objection in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 (4), and reports the result to the objector in writing (including electronic documents), telephone, text or similar methods within 15 days.However, if unavoidable, the period may be extended up to 15 days, and the reason and period for extension will be notified to the applicant.
8. The company cancels the suspension of the service provision when it is recognized that the objection is justified.

Article 14 (Responsibility for member’s ID and Password)

1. The members are responsible for all management of ID and password. However, this is not the case if the company is intention or negligent.
2. The member shall be responsible for managing its/his/her own Customer ID and Password, and shall be responsible for preventing any third-party use.
3. The member shall be responsible for any insufficient management of ID and password, negligence in use, and use of third parties.
4. If a member becomes aware that its/his/her ID and Password has been stolen, or is being used by a third party, the member shall notify the Company immediately and follow the Company’s guidelines.

Article 15 (Paid service usage fee, payment and more)

1. The services provided by the company are paid services, and can be used only after paying the fee specified in the information.
2. There are two types of paid services and paid information: 'Billing per case service', where a fee is paid each time you use the service, and 'Subscription-type paid service', which allows you to use the service for a certain period of time after payment.
3. All matters related to payment are subject to Article 19 (Use of Paid Service) of these Terms and Conditions and [FAQ menu/Payment].
4. The credit card and mobile phone used for payment must be owned person him/her self.

Article 16 (Purchase application and reception when using the online store)

1. If a member wants to purchase a desired item, he or she can apply for purchase by entering the necessary information for purchase on the site.
2. Except for cases where there are false, erroneous or omissions in the purchase application, it is deemed that the purchase has been received.
3. The online store provided by the company is paid service, and the company may change the service fee. However, in case of change, details of the fee will be notified separately.
4. The payment method is as follows.
- Payment by credit card approved by the company
- Deposit to the company’s bank account
5. The company takes refund and return measures to members who use the shopping mall in the following cases.
- If all items delivered by the company are damaged during the initial production or delivery process, the full amount including the delivery fee will be refunded or exchange with other items.
- For refunds and returns, the user may contact the company within one week after receiving the item to request an exchange, but this does not apply to cases where obvious damage is not proven or damage caused by the user's negligence.

Article 17 (Advertisement and Agreement with Advertisers)

1. The company may display advertisements as a part of service investment to provide higher quality service to its members. Members agree to the advertisement displayed when using the service.
2. The company is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by members participating in, communicating, or transacting with advertisers posted on the service or through this service.

Article 18 (Maximum data retention period)

1. Hereinafter, "data" refers to DB information such as video files, recording and order data.
2. The maximum retention period of data is limited to 3 years from the date of creation.
3. Data that exceeds the maximum storage period is periodically deleted according to the company's internal management policy.
4. The retention period of data set by the video lock function is also managed in accordance with this Article.
5. If data storage is required for more than 3 years, you can negotiate separately with the company.

Chapter 5 Paid service usage and refund policy

Article 19 (Use of Paid Service)

1. Paid service refers to a service that a member can use after paying a certain amount of services provided by the company to its members.
2. The price for using paid services follows the stated price for each service, and members can use it only for the purposes specified for each service after paying it with [credit card], [online deposit], and [cell phone].
3. When a paid service member uses the service for an illegal purpose, harming public order, harm good morals, or violating other related laws, the company may cancel the use of the paid service and may disqualify the user from membership.

Article 20 (Payment Return)

1. The company will provide a full refund at the request of the member if the member does not use the paid subscription service even once.

However, in the case of a refund, the amount will be refunded after deducting the payment interest (10%) and remittance fee (₩600) from the refund amount.

If you use the paid service even once, no refund will be processed.

1. However, the company will process a full refund in the following cases.
- Defective items recognized by the company
- Duplicate payment due to an error in the payment system
- Unavoidable circumstances due to failure or error of other services recognized by the company

Chapter 6 Agreement to comply with “Standards for Technical and Administrative Protection Measures of Personal Information”

In accordance with the “Standards for Technical and Administrative Protection Measures of Personal Information” announced by the Korea Communications Commission as amended in August 2009, the matters to be observed between INBET Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and the members using the company’s services are mutually I agree.

Article 21 (Purpose)

As the personal information protection issue in Internet commerce has recently emerged as a legal and social issue, the company stipulates the company's overall policy and member's independent "DB server" management form to provide "recorded personal information" (order information, delivery information). ) to protect

Article 22 (Company's service rules)

1. The company provides packing video recording and marketing solutions (hereinafter “Realpacking”) to its members.
2. ”Realpacking” consist of two database information DB and order information DB(hereinafter “DB server”). Information DB store and manages the company’s basic information and recorded videos, while order information DB manages marketing and claims.
3. The company maintains and manages only the program server of “Real Packing”, and does not perform any consignment management tasks such as viewing and utilization of member DB servers.
4. Order information recorded in the member DB server is provided by both the buyer and the seller for the purpose of transaction as specified in the 'personal protection policy' in each online store, and only the member can view and manage it, and without the buyer's consent it cannot be managed by a third party.

Article 23 (Company Compliance)

1. The technical and administrative protection measures for personal information that the company must comply with are as follows.
1. The company encrypts and stores the personal information of the member DB server. In addition, by encrypting the member's DB server access password, access by the company and third parties is fundamentally blocked.
2. The company keeps the member's DB server access password in an encrypted form that cannot be decrypted, and does not expose or view it to the outside in any form.
3. The company can access the member's DB server at the request of the member, but the scope of the business can only perform tasks that are not related to “personal information” among the stored order information.
2. Except as stipulated in paragraph 1, follow on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. and other relevant laws and regulations.

Article 24 (Member's Compliance)

1. The technical and administrative protection measures for personal information that members must comply with are as follows.
1. In case the seller entrusts the handling of the buyer's personal information without notice and consent of the statutory items to the buyer, entrustment of business and the use of personal information (Article 25 Paragraph 1 of the Information and Communications Network Act)” shall be complied with.
2. Collection of Buyer and Seller Personal Information. Acts of preservation and use after the purpose of use has been achieved (Article 24, Paragraph 2 of the Information and Communications Network Act)”.
2. Except as stipulated in paragraph (1), follow on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. and other relevant laws and regulations.

Article 25 (Management of member’s password)

1. When requesting A/S due to technical errors of the DB server to the company, the member must provide the access password to the company's A/S performer, and the company performs only the tasks specified in Article 24 (3).
2. Members must be careful in managing password, and change them regularly.
3. When a member forget the password, the company reset the member's password and resumes the service after the member directly changes it.

Chapter 7 Compensation for damages and other matters

Article 26 (Compensation)

1. This service is provided at no charge from this site, and unless there were deliberately criminal actions, this site will be not be held responsible for any damages incurred.

2. The Company will compensate for any loss caused by the accuracy and reliability of information posted by members on the service.

Article 27 (Relationship between company and linked site)

1. The company is not responsible for products or services handled by the company linked site.

2. The company and the company-linked site operate their own stores, and the company shall not take any responsibility for the transactions between the company-linked site and members.

Article 28 (Attribution of copyright and use restriction)

1. The copyright and other intellectual property rights on any works prepared by the Company, shall be owned by the Company. However, some service may owned copyright by 3rd party.

2. The member may not use any information obtained by using the Service for copying, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcasting, or any other means with the purpose of making profit and may not let a 3rd party use it without prior approval of the Company.

Article 29 (Competent Court)

When there are lawsuits due to disputes caused by the use of this service, you may file a civil lawsuit in the court of jurisdiction.

※ The copyright for these Terms and Conditions belongs to the company, and unauthorized duplication, distribution, transmission and other copyright infringement are strictly prohibited.


1. (Date of Effectiveness) This agreement is in effect as of March 1, 2012.

2. (January 1, 2021 Updated) This agreement is in effect as of January 1, 2021, It will replace previous Terms and Conditions.