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Smeg Korea, Create an accurate and transparent shipping process.


Smeg Korea Combines Quality and Design

Smeg Korea, a global brand that has been creating innovative home appliances since 1948, is loved by many people for its high quality and trendy design. In particular, it is the choice of bakers for its high technology, and has become a popular luxury home appliance brand in Korea as it continues to release products created in collaboration with world-renowned designers and architects.

In addition to commercial ovens, refrigerators, and wine cellars, Smeg Korea offers a wide range of products including electric pots, blenders, and coffee machines, and strives to make its customers' lives easier with a systematic maintenance service, including technical support and cleaning services.

Why Smeg Korea Chose Realpacking

Smeg's products are often chosen by consumers for their trendy design, so the company is very careful about the appearance of its products, both inside and out. Given the nature of their brand, Smeg wanted to create an accurate and transparent shipping process with Realpacking.

Currently, Smeg uses Realpacking to record video logs at its shipping inspection center and maintenance center. At the outgoing inspection center, video recordings are made to ensure that there are no abnormalities in the products as they are shipped out, and at the maintenance  center, video recordings are made to ensure that the exterior and internal functions are working normally after the fix.

How Smeg Korea Uses Realpacking

Smeg is an example of a company that has installed Realpacking on movable tables instead of fixed tables. Smeg has a lot of heavy products, such as ovens, whisks, toasters, and so on. Therefore, movable tables are highly utilized at Smeg's logistics site. We took this into consideration when introducing Realpacking, and installed Realpacking equipments on movable tables that were already in use, in line with Smeg's logistics work process.

Builing a Trust,  Making it Convenience

The video recordings made by Realpacking can be utilized when responding to customer calls, reducing the time required. Furthermore, in the event of a claim, the actual video history can be shared with the customer, enabling transparent communication with the customer based on facts.

Realpacking's Flexibility and Compatibility

Instead of adding a separate workflow to use Realpacking, they can continue with existing workflow and automatically create a Realpacking video logs.

In logistics, even a one-second increase in wrapping time can significantly reduce the amount of goods that can be shipped in a day. Therefore, Realpacking helps Smeg Korea maintain logistics efficiency by automatically recording video logs while continuing with the existing process without any additional steps.

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