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BALAAN, Enhanced the business with Realpacking, an essential logistics system for luxury goods.


Luxury Shopping, Very Easy

Currently, it is no exaggeration to say that the luxury platform market is in the highest peak of the moment. As the perception of luxury consumption changes and the age group that consumes it expands to Gen Z, the size of the domestic luxury market is showing remarkable growth. As non-face-to-face consumption has also expanded, the number of people purchasing luxury goods online has continued to increase, spawning various luxury platforms.

According to Paidmonitor, a market research firm, the size of the luxury goods platform market was KRW 1.7 trillion, a 44% increase from 2021. In addition, the proportion of online transactions in the total luxury goods market has entered double digits, recording more than 10% for the first time. Based on these data, online transactions in the luxury goods market are becoming more active, and the market size itself is expected to continue to grow without stopping.

Recently, the luxury market has seen several luxury platforms overheat due to simple price competition. However, we know that smart consumers don't decide which platform to buy from based solely on price, especially when it comes to luxury goods, which can be expensive and require a face-to-face purchase.

Trust is The Key

In the luxury market, winning the minds of customers is essentially about building a relationship with them - trust. Luxury brands and platforms that sell their products online are already working hard to build trust with their customers, but how can they do so without actually meeting them face-to-face? The answer lies in BALAAN. BALAAN is working with Realpacking, an essential logistics system for the luxury industry, to build stronger trust with customers.

As part of Balaan's care program, Realpacking records the condition of products during the packaging process. It is the only process that customers can see among the "Balaan Care program," which is why it has the highest customer satisfaction rate among Balaan services.

With Realpacking, Balaan conducts a final inspection of the product for damage, defects, and packaging, and automatically records the inspection process and provides the video to all customers. The video allows customers to see every detail of the product's condition before it leaves the factory, which is a great way to build trust and maintain a strong relationship with customers.

Add Trust to Luxurious Experience

Balaan's philosophy is to create a luxury experience until the moment a customer receives a product. When a product is purchased online, customers have to wait before they can hold it in their hands. Realpacking makes waiting feel a bit shorter with a special experience: a video log.

This is closely linked to the customer experience (CX), which is becoming increasingly important and has a great impact on determining a brand's image and attracting loyal customers. In other words, Balaan is providing a differentiated CX with logistics systems such as using the Realpacking based on its philosophy.

Reactions of Customers To The Realpacking Video

I'm surprised that they send me a video of the product's condition in such detail when it leaves the factory😮
Being able to see this process is a huge confidence booster for the customer and increases their anticipation to receive the product😀
It's very trustworthy and reassuring😉

The vast majority of customers who received the video logs of packing process commented on the increase in trust. When purchasing expensive products online, it is inevitable that anxiety will arise. Balaan does not ignore the anxiety of customers, but takes care of them with a smart logistics system, Realpacking. Realpacking and Ballan have been partners for a long time, and we recently introduced Realpacking to Ballan Studio, which we will continue to expand in the future.

Building Trust with Differentiated Services

Currently, the online luxury platform market is crowded with more than just Balaan, Must-it, and Trenby. Rather than competing with excessive prices, Balaan is providing differentiated services by building trust with customers and improving customer experience.

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