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HY, No more hours searching through footage. It only takes 10 seconds to solve customer claims.


HY (formerly Korea Yakult) has Transformed into a Comprehensive Logistics Company

When HY changed its name in 2021, it became a full-fledged logistics business and showed remarkable growth based on its differentiated delivery service (Freddie). In addition, to become a comprehensive logistics company, it started handling third-party and purchased products in addition to its products and selling them through its distribution network.

As the number of products handled by logistics increases and the volume increases, the number of claims also increases proportionally, and the number of related inquiries also increases, overloading the customer service department. HY is addressing these issues with Realpacking.‍

Double the Efficiency, Half the Time

As a warehouse where everything is based on trust, they have to do their best to resolve any claims or inquiries from store owners about the deliveries. At HY, when they receive a claim, they try to resolve it in several ways. ‍

One of them was to go back and check the security camera footage one by one to resolve the claim, which often took more than two hours, and the franchisees had to wait for a long time.

But with Realpacking, time has been dramatically reduced. When a claim comes in, the worker can immediately find the video of the incident. All they have to do is check the video, verify the cause of the claim, share the video with the store owner based on fault, and resolve the claim. It eliminates unnecessary time wasted and increases the efficiency.

The Flexibility of Realpacking

HY initially implemented Realpacking on a limited line in the warehouse, using one of Realpacking's features, inspection mode, without any other WMS, and automatically recording video records per invoice.

As the volume gradually increased, HY introduced a separate WMS to establish a systematic logistics process, and Realpacking integrated the two programs immediately without any problems through the API. ‍

Realpacking Blends Seamlessly Into Automated Lines

In the era of smart logistics, many logistics centers are introducing automated lines. HY also quickly introduced automated lines to keep up with the rapid market growth.‍

Currently, HY uses Realpacking to automatically record video logs during the inspection and packing process in the automated line.

Adding Equipment Takes Only Seconds

As HY has grown significantly, the order has also increased, and the company has expanded its use of Realpacking, which now utilizes more than twice as much equipment as when it was first introduced a few years back.

Realpacking takes a short period to set up additional equipment or services. Therefore, HY successfully increased efficiency by introducing additional equipment as needed to match their orders. ‍

Realpacking Adapts to HY's Rapid Growth

Since implementing Realpacking, HY has seen a 99% reduction in fraudulent claims from dealers and convenience stores. As soon as a claim is submitted, they immediately check the Realpacking video log and send it to the store owner. This process has reduced the number of fraudulent claims. It has become an integral part of the system for trust between store owners.‍

Today, we shared the story of HY (formerly known as Korean Yakult), a company that uses Realpacking to manage claims and improve efficiency. Logistics processes often change as quickly as HY's do. As you can see from the story of HY, Realpacking is quick to adapt according to the customer's environment or process changes. In addition, it is possible to expand equipment and services without any difficulty in a short time, even when replacing WMS, let alone automated lines.

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