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From Hours To Seconds To Resolve Customer Complaints with Realpacking's Recording Solution

HY Transforms into an Integrated Logistics Company

When HY (formerly known as Yakult Korea) changed its name in 2021, it marked its transition to a full-fledged logistics business. This transformation was fueled by its differentiated delivery service, Fredit, and the expansion of its operations to include third-party and purchased products, distributed through its extensive network.

With the growth of its logistics operations and the increase in goods managed, customer claims also rose, challenging the Customer Service department. HY has addressed these challenges with the Realpacking solution.

Multiplied Efficiency in a Fraction of the Time

As a distribution center grounded in trust, HY is committed to resolving any delivery-related claims or inquiries from store owners. Traditionally, resolving claims involved reviewing security camera footage, a process that could exceed two hours, causing delays for franchisees.

With Realpacking, resolution times have been drastically reduced. Claims can now be quickly addressed by immediately accessing relevant video details, allowing HY to swiftly resolve complaints by reviewing the footage, identifying the issue, and sharing the findings with the customer.

Realpacking's Adaptability

Initially, HY implemented Realpacking on select lines in its warehouse, employing the Inspection Mode feature independently of any Warehouse Management System (WMS) and automatically recording video logs by invoice. As operations scaled, HY integrated a separate WMS, with Realpacking facilitating immediate and problem-free integration via API.

Seamless Integration into Automated Lines

In response to rapid market growth and the shift towards smart logistics, HY adopted automated lines, configuring Realpacking to automatically record videos at key stages. This enables automatic recording of the inspection and packing processes.

Effortless Equipment Expansion

With significant growth and an increase in orders, HY expanded its Realpacking equipment, easily doubling its initial setup. Adding new equipment or services with Realpacking requires minimal time, allowing HY to efficiently scale its operations in line with order volume.

Adapting to Rapid Growth

Since adopting Realpacking, HY has seen a 99% reduction in fraudulent claims. Upon receiving a claim, video logs are promptly reviewed and shared with the store owner, strengthening trust between HY and its partners. Realpacking has proven essential in adapting to logistics changes and facilitating the swift expansion of equipment and services, even amidst significant operational shifts like WMS replacement or integration into automated lines.

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