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The Sincerity of a Cup of Coffee

Whether you're an office worker, a student, or a stay-at-home mom, there is one thing that's part of everyone's daily routine: coffee. A cup of coffee on the way to work, during lunch, to get rid of sleep in the middle of the work is a must. Some people consume more than one cup of coffee, but where do you usually buy it? ‍

As coffee has become a part of our daily lives, you can easily find cafes on the streets. In particular, there are dozens of coffee shops on near offices. Today, we are going to talk about Ediya Coffee,  the largest number of franchisees in Korea.

Work Together to Coexist

Ediya, the largest coffee franchisee in Korea, currently has more than 3,500 franchisees and a turnover rate of 2%. What is the reason for Ediya Coffee's low turnover rate and the largest number of franchisees among the many coffee brands that have emerged?

This is due to Ediya Coffee's unique specialty coffee and solid store management support, including coexistence and cooperation with franchise owners. Currently, Ediya Coffee supports coexistence cooperation to maintain solid relationships with customers, merchant owners, and cooperating companies. They are committed to providing a quality product to the customers and to the success of the merchants‍.

This can be seen in the Dream Factory and Dream Logistics Center, which operate at the headquarters level. With the number of merchants increasing every year, Ediya operates the Dream Factory and Dream Logistics Center to provide quality products to its customers and to provide quality products to its merchants in a timely manner.

What is Ediya's Dream Logistics Center

The Ediya Dream Logistics Center, which has been with Realpacking since 2020, is an advanced automated facility that provides merchants with stable and efficient delivery services. The Dream Logistics Center is a large-scale storage distribution center with over 5,000 tsubo (8,000 m2) of space. It carries items necessary for store operations, providing merchants with the products they need on time. This helps prevent competitive product shortages and assists stores in efficiently managing in-store inventory by ordering necessary products on a case-by-case basis‍.

Eydia also manages real-time vehicle temperature and delivery status through the TMS vehicle control system to ensure fresh product delivery. As an industry that deals with refrigerated and frozen products, it is most important to maintain product freshness for delivery to the stores. Ediya maintains thorough temperature control through a vehicle control system to ensure fresh products are delivered to stores and customers. Finally, the company keeps a video log of products leaving the store through the Realpacking solution.

The trust between the headquarters and the merchant owners played a significant role in Ediya's ability to open more than 3,500 stores. Ediya produces tens of thousands of shipments for the 3,500 merchants spread across the country, so there is a high potential for problems with inaccurate deliveries. In fact, before the introduction of Realpacking, the inaccurate deliveries at each store resulted in a considerable cost loss each month. Therefore, when Realpacking was introduced, Ediya started to record the packing process of outgoing products to minimize mispackaging, reduce cost loss, and enhance efficient logistics management.

In addition, the video logs are used to solve problems when inquiries from merchants arise. Video logs eliminate the unnecessary work of checking each shipment one by one when complaints occur, thereby improving logistics efficiency by reducing wasted workforce and time.

Collaboration between Ediya and Realpacking

Realpacking, partially used in the automated warehouse line in the Edia Dream Logistics Center, provides a custom recording program optimized for the site. After the primary product is inspected at DAS, a secondary inspection is performed with the Realpacking solution at the packaging station. This process is automatically recorded through the solution and saved directly to the administrator page for each case to prevent any possible disputes ‍.

Thus, the automated warehouse Ediya Dream Logistics Center keeps video logs of product shipments through Realpacking and records each box of products ordered from merchants to ensure accurate management of product shipments. In addition to the room temperature warehouse, the frozen warehouse also keeps video records of products at -18 degrees Celsius through a dedicated PC for thorough management ‍.

The reason why Ediya has been loved by customers for a long time and has been able to open many franchisees is because they provide quality products and services to their customers based on such a systematic logistics process.

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