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Realpacking Cuts Phone Inquiries for Grocery Sector Partner by Half

The #1 Fashion Resale Platform

Anyone with children, or those who love fashion, will inevitably face the challenge of managing unwanted clothes. Corner Market, a fashion resale platform, enables you to sell and buy kids' clothes that have been outgrown, as well as adult clothing that you no longer wear.

Simply apply to sell within the Corner Market app, and your items will undergo a review and merchandising process by a team of expert merchandisers. Once approved, your products are resold on Corner Market at prices lower than the original.

Building Trust in its Resale Platform with Realpacking

For platforms that resell used products, demonstrating trust is crucial to giving sellers confidence in the process. At Corner Market, every item is meticulously inspected upon arrival, and this inspection is recorded via Realpacking. Customers can easily view these videos by logging into the Corner Market app and clicking on the 'View Initial Screening Video' button.

Sellers sending clothes to Corner Market can watch the unpacking, inspection, and pricing of their items through real-time video footage of the actual packing process. This transparency is highly valued by many Corner Market users, offering reassurance by allowing them to see their items even after they have been sent.

Shortening Claim Process Time with Clear Evidence

Since implementing Realpacking, Corner Market has significantly streamlined its claim response process, cutting response times by over three hours and reducing phone inquiries by 50%. This efficiency gain comes from sharing Realpacking's inspection videos with sellers, who can now log into the app to directly view the condition of their shipped clothes. This innovation not only speeds up the process but also removes unnecessary contact points, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Streamlined Equipment Mobility

Corner Market's long-standing partnership with Realpacking has endured various changes, including warehouse relocations. Realpacking's ease of setup and mobility ensures it can be seamlessly integrated into any new space as needed.

Enhancing Customer Experience at Corner Market

Customers of Corner Market have consistently been impressed by the platform's meticulous attention to detail. This commitment to excellence sets Corner Market apart in the minds of its users.

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