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Reducing Mispicking Rates To Near 0% With Inspection Mode

Work Faster with Video Logs

Traditionally, logistics processes record goods information solely through numbers and text, leaving no visual record. This lack of imagery makes it challenging to confirm accurate information, time-consuming to identify issues, and inconvenient for communication between customer service and logistics staff. For 3PL and fulfillment companies serving multiple shippers, these inefficiencies significantly increase the time required, sometimes preventing the fulfillment of daily shipment volumes.

Video logs of each order allow on-site logistics personnel, the shipper's logistics business team, marketing team, and customer service personnel to immediately verify any claims. This streamlined process reduces unnecessary steps and saves time.

Whenever a shipper or customer makes an inquiry, the video logs on the Realpacking CMS are immediately accessible, enabling quick responses. This system allows shippers to process jobs efficiently and provides a logistics history in a visibly accessible video format.

Reduced Mispicking Rates with Realpacking's Inspection Mode

LX Pantos utilizes Inspection Mode for order integration. When a picking operator passes the product to the packer via the primary Voice Picking System, Realpacking's Inspection Mode performs a secondary inspection and automatically records a video log. The rate of mispacking has been reduced to nearly 0% with the implementation of Realpacking's Inspection Mode.

Thorough Logistics Services to Prevent Disputes with Customers

LX Pantos employs video recording to prevent disputes between shippers and customers, recording critical information such as condition, quantity, and type of goods in the video logs. These meticulous services help avert disputes.

The company goes beyond mere logistics handling for its customers; it also emphasizes the finer details of shipper customer management and operational efficiency, in partnership with Realpacking. This commitment to differentiated services and comprehensive care has enabled LX Pantos to maintain long-standing relationships with shippers.

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