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Bun-Gae Market: Building a Trustworthy Inspection Process

A Trusted Second-Hand Trading Platform
Now established as a leading fashion second-hand platform for Gen Z, Bun-Gae Marketplace is experiencing steady growth by connecting sellers and buyers based on taste and brand preference. At Bun-Gae Market, anyone with a product can become a seller, and anyone interested in purchasing can do so with ease.

There is high demand and significant sales of limited edition sneakers and luxury brand products within the luxury fashion category. Particularly, with Gen Z's changing consumption trends and enthusiasm for diving deep into their interests, many users are actively buying and selling their desired items through Bun-Gae Market.

The most critical aspect for customers using a C2C platform is the trustworthiness of both the information and the goods provided. In other words, a C2C second-hand trading platform must facilitate transactions based on mutual trust.

How Bun-Gae Market Builds Trust

Bun-Gae Market employs Realpacking to video record every item that enters the inspection center. A team of professional inspectors uses more than 30 pieces of equipment to verify a product's authenticity, examining its manufacturing process, fabric, engraving, decoration, and more. Products confirmed to be genuine are shipped to the buyer with a certificate of authenticity.

This unique inspection service, BETA, at Bun-Gae Marketplace, benefits both buyers and sellers. Sellers can send luxury items for expert inspection, while buyers can request an authenticity inspection. After the process, they can confidently trade products verified to be authentic and of high quality.

Realpacking and Bun-Gae Marketplace Collaboration

Realpacking instills trust in sellers and consumers at Bun-Gae Market. The collaboration began when both companies were operating their logistics centers, contributing to a consolidated center transition.

Beyond expert systematic inspections at Bun-Gae Field, Realpacking also offered consulting to optimize the flow of shipments and inspections, enhancing logistic efficiency. With our solution, the warehousing and inspection flow emphasizes shipping efficiency while automatically documenting a video log for each invoice.

Bun-Gae Market implemented Realpacking to maintain a video record of products' arrivals and departures, automatically capturing the condition of products as they are unboxed from the seller. These recording logs are instantly accessible via Realpacking's CMS, accompanied by basic information.

The videos enable viewers to ascertain if a product is scratched, dirty, or used, aiding in responding to user queries or enhancing the customer experience as needed. Bun-Gae Market is automating the filming process during inspections with Realpacking and plans to expand this practice.

Versatile Realpacking

Due to its versatility, Realpacking can be easily integrated into any logistics environment, not just in warehouses but also across various processes and product types. Beyond typical inbound and outbound logistics, Realpacking can automatically record inspections or after-sales services, with the videos serving to enhance customer experience and marketing efforts.

Bun-Gae Marketplace is Poised for Lightning-Fast Growth

This story highlights our client, Bun-Gae Market, which places the utmost importance on user trust. Operating on a C2C platform and poised for rapid growth, it's a leading re-commerce tech company relying on Realpacking to bolster user trust continuously.

*'Bun-Gae' is a Korean word for 'lightning.'

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