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LG H&H, integrated with automated system for convenience.


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LG H&H is a leading household goods company that sells cosmetics, household goods, and beverages. In fact, it is a company so well known to all Koreans that it needs no such explanation. LG H&H, one of Korea's leading household goods companies, was also accompanied by Realpacking.

LG H&H logistics center is already equipped with automated equipment lines for smart warehouse receiving and shipping, but what does Realpacking really look like inside an automated distribution center.
Let's take a quick look!

Realpacking on Top of Automated Logistics

LG H&H introduced real packing to check for defective products that might happen to occur on the automated line when shipping products. First, a scanner was installed on the conveyor belt and set to recognize the QR code on the box, and a camera was installed above it. When the scanner recognizes the QR code, Real Packing automatically takes a picture of the product inside the box. The principle is that the scanner automatically starts taking pictures when it recognizes the QR code without any additional action by the worker, and real packing is activated when the scanner finishes taking pictures.

The fact that real packing is automatically photographed without any additional action by the worker is one of the features that has been well received by workers in actual logistics centers. Due to the nature of logistics operations, efficiency is more important than anything else in order to meet the daily shipment volume set for a given day. Therefore, it is important to keep the time it takes to ship one product short.

Real Packing has a custom setting to match the existing work logic so that the system can be used without a separate action. In the same way, LG Life Health has made sure that the Real Packing system blends naturally within its automated facilities; LG Life Health is using Real Packing to keep track of shipped products, increase confidence in its distribution centers, and create a more systematic process.

Realpacking is also enhancing its interoperability with various automated equipment and devices in line with the trend toward smarter distribution centers; as in the case of the LG Life Health Automated Distribution Center, close communication with customers during implementation has led to custom configurations tailored to the site. This is possible because of the system's high degree of compatibility above all else. In this way, Realpacking has achieved flexible interlocking with high compatibility not only within WMS and OMS, but also within automated facilities and smart logistics centers.

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