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J.ESTINA: Swiftly Resolving Customer Concerns with Precise Evidence

For Every Shining Moment

J.ESTINA, the first Korean bridge jewelry brand, draws inspiration from the Italian princess and Queen of Bulgaria, Princess Giovanna. The brand's tiara symbol jewelry, renowned for its popularity, serves as more than mere adornment. Today, J.ESTINA excels across a wide range of fields, including bags, cosmetics, and perfumes, captivating Millennials and Gen Z alike.

As the pioneering Korean jewelry brand to open a store at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, J.ESTINA has grown into a global entity. It has increased sales through expansion into airport duty-free shops in various locations, including Los Angeles, Soho, Beverly Hills, Beijing Capital Airport Sunrise Duty Free, Hainan Downtown Duty Free, Jakarta Duty Free in Indonesia, and Lotte Duty Free in Singapore.

Enhancing Online Sales With RealPacking

Since 2016, J.ESTINA has been in collaboration with RealPacking. With the increase in online orders came a rise in customer complaints. Initially, J.ESTINA used security cameras to document the packaging process, but this method was inefficient for addressing customer complaints due to the time-consuming task of locating relevant footage, often leading to team frustration. This challenge led J.ESTINA to adopt RealPacking.

Security cameras were awkwardly positioned above the packaging stations from the ceiling. To improve this, RealPacking introduced wall-mounted cameras, allowing J.ESTINA to streamline the verification of packing processes by invoice numbers, significantly speeding up the response time to customer complaints.

With RealPacking, the need to manually review CCTV footage was eliminated. Team members could swiftly locate necessary videos by searching for an invoice number, contact information, or the customer's name.

The growth of branded online stores, driven by market expansion, increases the potential for unforeseen claims. Proactively implementing RealPacking protects the trust between customers and the brand.

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